Monte Azul is a luxury boutique art resort/hotel in Costa Rica. It is located on a private mountain reserve near the country's highest point, Chirripó National Park. Eco-tourism is redefined with four stylish riverside "casitas" and activities tailored to any type of traveler, especially couples. It’s a perfect and unique Costa Rica honeymoon destination. Monte Azul provides an authentic experience for those looking to explore the nature and culture of Costa Rica. In its short time, Monte Azul has achieved recognition from organizations like Condé Nast Traveler and TripAdvisor for elevating the standard for sustainability and style.

It’s like nowhere else

All our local activities are designed for couples and are private, with hosts that are experts in their fields so you get a complete insider’s view.

No other luxury boutique hotel offers this variety of activities on site or literally next door. At Monte Azul, in addition to all the great activities a quintessential Costa Rica vacation is known for, zip lining, white water rafting, kayaking, etc., our unique location off the beaten path offers guests opportunities to experience an authentic Costa Rica. Learn about country life as well as Costa Rica’s vibrant art scene.

A culinary treat in stylish surroundings

Our priority is to offer guests the best culinary experience in Costa Rica. By sourcing our products 100% locally we ensure quality and freshness. In fact, our cooks also manage and tend the organic greenhouse, guaranteeing that our menu offers only what is at its peak of ripeness. Guests are surprised to learn that our talented young chefs were trained on the job, as they are also surprised to find this level of service and ambiance so off the beaten path. We customize our daily menu catered to specific needs and tastes, so in addition to our fresh and locally raised meats, we offer gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diners creative and delicious options. The ambiance and décor of the outdoor restaurant offers couples a perfect spot for a Costa Rica romantic getaway.

One of the most diverse places on Earth

Monte Azul’s 100 acre nature preserve is part of the largest undisturbed and virgin forest found in Central America. Monte Azul boutique rainforest hotel protects primary rainforest that connects directly to this massive uninterrupted area, extending well into Panama and also north. Boasting some of the best bird watching in Costa Rica, with over 241 documented bird species on site, as counted by Noel Ureña –a renown birding guide– and Luis Sánchez –Director of the Southern Region of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAET). MA is host to a large number of mammals, butterflies, orchids, creeks, and a waterfall, all accessible on our private 4K of trails, literally steps from your Casita.

Simple and unexpected luxuries

As part of our effort to offer clients the best quality experience, Monte Azul Eco Resort produces a surprising large number of natural and organic products and amenities on site. Enjoy our Quick Monkey organic coffee grown next to our rainforest, fresh cheeses such as chevre or Camembert, a variety of breads from challah to rustic Italian, handmade soaps made from all natural ingredients, desserts like dark chocolate lava cake, plus homemade ginger beer and more! Find out why many of our guests consider Monte Azul one of the best restaurants in Costa Rica.

Contemporary Art in the jungle!

At the heart of Monte Azul Resort –which was originally conceived as an artist in residency program– is art and creativity. Monte Azul Contemporary Art (MACA) offers guests the chance to meet artists and learn more about the creative process by taking studio workshops on site. The works produced in our studio by artists from Costa Rica and abroad are then available for sale. Every wall at Monte Azul is gallery space, including the Casitas, which feature a curated selection of original works. Guests also have an unexpected opportunity to live with and learn about contemporary Costa Rican art in our innovative gallery and studio with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Studio at Monte Azul is the center piece of the project. The high ceilinged space is filled with natural light through a clerestory that offers views to the surrounding rainforest and its wildlife. Artists are invited to create original works in various media including paint, sculpture, mixed media or site specific installations. The printing press, a 1978 Griffin and the largest one of its kind in Costa Rica, can be used for limited editions, monotypes and other press formats. Guests and artists alike benefit from the inspirational surroundings to create and produce their work. The facilities are also available for hire to artists submitting a proposal.

When artists are not using the space, the studio becomes the MACA gallery. Here we present contemporary Costa Rican art by artists such as Álvaro Gómez, Federico Herrero, Karla Solano, and US artists like Henry Jackson. Guests are often surprised to find the high caliber work we offer in such an unexpected location.

Works produced at Monte Azul are exhibited for sale at the gallery, as well as in the Casitas and Café Blue, and shipped to all parts of the world. In fact, the art gallery accounts for half of Monte Azul’s income and is a vital part of our project. Clients get to experience not just the space in which a piece was produced, but also the entire environment that served as its inspiration, and sometimes get to meet the artist as well in a personal and friendly gallery environment.

Everyone who comes to Monte Azul is a potential artist! To bring out your creativity, at Monte Azul Studio & Gallery we offer an unusual number of art studio workshops, designed for just two people at a time. These are taught by Alvaro Gomez, renowned Costa Rican artist, and Melissa Matamoros, MACA Gallery and Studio Manager. Designed for all levels, for hotel guests and artists alike, participants will learn the techniques used to produce monotypes, etching, painting, as well as related workshops such as handmade paper. We use only professional grade materials to ensure that your masterpiece will last!